Dragons & Sea Serpents Posters

This just in – fantasy posters just opened with a nice “Dragons & Sea Serpents” section!

Here’s our picks:
Dragon by Katsushika Hokusai
From artist Gustave Dore Don Quixote and the Windmills
Olympic Dragon (Beijing, China, 2008) – Mark Smith

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Thirst for Justice

Now is the night of the dragon. It is its time for glory making. The dark sets the plot. The clouds play with the lack of light.

Indeed, the full moon says it all. Something is bound to happen.

The wind is on a rhythmic mood. The sea water keeps its tune with the wind’s beat. Together they create strong waves. Walls of water would soon swamp the tower to its death.

Nature seeks to be the powerful ally of the dragon. Revenge is the dragon’s triumph.

The poster tries to tell a story—a magical and powerful one. It is a tale that won’t easily be forgotten. It is a work of art that would absorb the audience till its end. The tower appears to be so helpless. The people inside it are as desperate. The dragon flying above the tower seems to be the only entity that is in its element. The desire for victory is obvious in its eyes. The dolphins seem to dance with the dragon.

Much of the colors in the art work is based on black and blue. The darkness emphasized the setting. The glimpse of yellow and red was just enough to illuminate parts of the art work. And although a large part of the art work contains dark shades, its over-all appearance is surprisingly not gloomy. At first glance, the scenario that it tries to depict is gloomy. But the audience would definitely know that it is not the feeling that the art work gives. There is a sense of happiness in the ‘Night of the Dragon.’ It is a positive feeling that the dragon evokes.

People who like mystery will find this poster an amusing item. The mystical theme of the art work also makes it an ideal gift for those who are engrossed in the realm of magic.

Anne Stokes-Dragon Beauty


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Yin and Yang

Balance is something that one must have in life. Balance guarantees harmony.

This concept is further exemplified in the Chinese philosophy of Yin and Yang. The dark side which is the Yin is directly opposite the Yang which is the light side. The coldness and gentleness of the Yin is equalized by the hotness and restlessness of the Yang. Their existence is a good example of the concept of united opposition. Yin and Yang do not act against each other. Instead, they exist to maintain the equilibrium. It is for this reason that they cannot exist without the other. Yin and Yang were made to complement each other.

The Taijitu is the popular symbol of the Yin and Yang. A lot of scholars have interpreted this famous Chinese symbol. In a layman’s point of view, the circle represents the way that one perceives things. The shape of the Yin and Yang inside the circle represents how their existence affects the circle or the way of perceiving things.

As one of the symbols of Chinese culture, dragons are also associated with the concept of Yin and Yang. It is an interpretation to help reinforce the concept of united opposition. In this particular dragon poster, Yin is represented by the black dragon. Yang, on the other hand, is represented by the white dragon. To emphasize their correlation, the two dragons are intertwined. They are tied with each other. The presence of the Taijitu at the center of the poster very much explains the entanglement of the dragons.

Lover of Chinese philosophy would definitely love to have this fine gift. The use of the dragons in the concept of the Yin and Yang illustrates the many aspects of Chinese culture. This poster could also be used as a good luck gift. Based on the Chinese culture, dragons are seen as good charms.

Yin Yang

Yin Yang Fabric Poster
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Are You Up for the Challenge?

Treasures are always considered valuable finds. But the road to getting such riches is always hard. Treasure hunters might find themselves up for various obstacles along the way. The challenges won’t come to an end even if they reach the location of the treasure. A valiant treasure guardian could even make them run for their lives.

In this particular poster, the guardian of the treasure is a green dragon. The ferocious creature definitely does his business seriously. The dragon is tasked to protect the treasure with its life. The illustration of human skeletons in the art work suggests that there have been attempts to defeat the dragon. And obviously, the dragon remained triumphant all throughout the previous attempts.

The use of the different shades of red and yellow has given the art work a fiery feel. Also, this particular technical use of the color has reinforced that the location of the treasure is more than enough challenge for treasure hunters. The illustrator preferred to use reddish colors to illustrate the darkness of the cave. The treasure itself is not lost within the colors. In fact, the colors blended so well with the overall look of the art work. But the highlight and center piece of the art work is, of course, the dragon. Its green scale seems to illuminate the glow of the treasure. The dragon’s mouth is also very powerful. It gave the dragon authority. The dragon’s facial expression exudes determination. Its stance is ready for attack. It is for these reasons that the dragon remains to be the focal point of the whole masterpiece.

This dragon poster is a must-have for treasure hunting enthusiasts. It could serve as a reminder of the hardships one has to face in the road to finding riches. Lovers of magical dragons could also find this dragon poster amusing.

A Dragon Guarding a Treasure

A Dragon Guarding a Treasure Giclee Print
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Depicting a Legend

The legend of Susanuo is one of the known mythological stories in Japan. Susanuo is the son of Izanagi (God of thunder, agriculture, and fertility). He was considered a dragon slayer of the highest eminence after he had defeated the vicious eight-headed dragon.

He set out on a journey to rescue a girl named Kushinada. The girl was captured by the eight-headed dragon. He was aware that he does not have the same physical abilities of the dragon. It is for this reason that he devised a plan to trick the dragon to its death. He dressed himself with a heavy cloak to hide his weapons. This made it easier for him to get near the dragon’s dwelling. He left the dragon eight bowls of saki to drink. Saki is a strong Japanese wine made of fermented rice.

After he had confirmed that the dragon is in a drunken state. He immediately set out for an attack. The dragon was so surprised to see the heavily armed Susanuo. The hero eventually cut the heads of the dragon.

The poster depicted the start of the hero’s triumph. Susanuo was just starting to cut off one of the heads of the dragon. Kushinada just watched in restlessness.

The artist, Howard David Johnson, is known for illustrating historical and mythical scenes in his art works. Although he only used a few colors in the art work depicted in the poster, he was still able to make the scene realistic. The shade of red that Johnson used as the blood of the dragon stood out. It is also evident that Johnson has respect in culture and traditions. The details of the costume of Susanuo really resemble the traditional Japanese warrior costume.

This type of dragon poster could be used to decorate a literature-focused library wall. It could also be a must-have for historical or literature items collectors.

Leafy Sea Dragon (Phycodurus Eques) Camouflaged as Seaweed, Aquarium, Japan

Leafy Sea Dragon…

Hiroya …

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Harry Briggs

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Time for Defense

The dragon has arrived. The citadel is now threatened.

Dragon-slaying is just a part of everyday tasks in the magical world. Dragons are the beasts that take away lives, destroy fortresses, and kidnap princesses. They are the ever-present antagonists in epic movies, books, and fairy tales. Their death is equivalent to the triumph of heroes.

The wizard is close to claiming his own victory in the ‘Dragon Spell’. A fierce dragon destroyed the castle’s draw bridge. With the dragon’s height and power, physical battle is out of the question. The dragon will definitely win in such an arena. In this kind of situation, swords cannot serve their purpose. Wands are all that matter. Spells and incantations could make the dragon leave and forget that the castle exists. Magic can ensure the safety of the king and his men.

The ‘Dragon Spell’ depicts a common magical scenario. Although the topic is quite common, the illustrator was able to come up with a very eye-catching art work. The colors in the dragon poster are very alive. The whole work will simply let the audience be absorbed. The whole portrayal of the scene is so realistic that one might find it amusing that the scene is just a poster. Magic was only hinted through the illuminated magic wand. And without doubt, the mystical theme was very much emphasized.

It will make a fine gift for people who love magic and sorcery. Enthusiasts of the era of royal bloods will definitely find this dragon poster beautiful. ‘Dragon Spell’ could be the centerpiece of a bare and boring wall.

About the Artist:
Chris Achilleos is a professional artist who loves to draw scenes that are very reminiscent of epic battles and fantasies. Achilleo’s favorite comic strip, ‘Heros the Spartan’, would definitely give you an idea of his inclinations.

Dragon Spell

Dragon Spell Poster

Achilleos, Chris

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Take Hadrian with You!

Who wouldn’t love him?

Playful shapes could really give an art work so much life! Cuddly and cute, the dragon on this poster could very well be mistaken as a stuffed toy.

Not to mention that the two front teeth of Hadrian (yes, Hadrian is his name) could be enough to award him more cuteness points, its illustration also gave the dragon a more youthful appearance. The dragon’s tiny wings appear to be offering the audience a tight hug!

Based on the parchment look of the background, it could be said that this artwork have somehow been inspired by ancient printing. The design of the background mixes very well with the theme too. Aside from this, the smudge style of the art work’s border also helped to reinforce the playful character of the dragon. And although the artist used only the different shades of yellow, the over-all art work appearance is very light to the eyes. It is really surprising that the artist was able to break the dullness of a monotonous color scheme in this art work. And because mustard yellow is the standout color of the poster, this art work would surely look even nicer if framed with black-painted wood.

Posters inspired by animated animals are fine gift for children and the children at heart. Hadrian could also be an ideal gift to people who love cute and artistic stuff. Also, dragon stuff collectors would definitely find Hadrian amusing. This dragon poster is a perfect focal point on a bare wall of a kid’s room.

About the artist:

Hadrian’s illustrator, Kinna, has been known as the artist who makes use of character animation as an art. Although the artist often uses single or two-tone color schemes, Kinna’s art works still appears to be very attractive.


Hadrian Art Print

, Kinna

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Standing Tall

The master has arrived. And she has not forgotten to bring her most loyal ally with him — the dragon.

The ferocious creature has been a topic for many works of art. Dragons have been depicted as animals that have magical powers. They could be the beasts that heroes need to slay. Dragons can be the provider of wisdom, status, and great power.

In the case of ‘Dragon’s Dream’ the dragon seems to be the equal of the master. It could be said that the dragon in this art work is the provider of magical power. But the way that the dragon stands could give space for a different meaning. The master sturdily outstretched her feet to provide the dragon room to perch. The dragon might not be an ordinary magical creature. Instead, it could be the master’s master.

The gaze of the characters is far. They have a grand plan. The stature of the characters is more than enough indication that they have the power to do unimaginable things. They could be valuable allies. But they could also be one’s worst enemies.

The colors that the artist used in this art work suggest something fiery. The atmosphere that the poster tries to imbibe is exciting. It appears to be a clue that something is about to happen. And that something must be watched out for.

The artist’s illustration of the dragon shows his attention to details. The artist took time to design the scales and wings of the dragon. The cape of the master is also overpowering. The woman does not have a towering figure but her facial expression commands respect.

‘Dragon’s Dream’ is a perfect poster for people who like power indicators. The poster could also be enjoyed by people who are enthusiastic about dragons and magic. This kind of poster could really give room for a powerful attitude.

Dragon's Dream

Dragon’s Dream Poster
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The Dragon Awaits

Mystical places aren’t always what they seem to be. There might be danger lurking behind their beauty.

The enchanting scenery could very much absorb visitors. But it could also be created to attract unsuspecting preys. In the ‘Black Cave Dragon’, the beauty of the waterfalls seems to be a trap. A mysterious dragon that guards the place is just waiting for its next prey.

The artist has used contrasting colors to illuminate and highlight the whole art work. The shades of green in the poster have livened up the masterpiece to very great extent. Aside from this, the greenish shades made the waterfalls appear very mystical. This art technique creates an illusion that such wonderful scenery would only exists in dreams. The shades of dark blue and black that the artist used are very reminiscent of bats. The artist might have followed logical reasoning in this regard. Bats usually live in caves. The physical features of bats are very much alike with that of the dragons. So, the colors and illustration that the artist used for the depiction of the dragon gave the whole art work a realistic side. The dark colors of the dragon also contrasted the light green shades of the waterfalls. This opposing color features became the focal point of the whole art work. The contrasting colors complement one another.

This dragon poster would be a nice gift to people who are fascinated with mystical themes. It could also be a perfect gift for kids who love mysteries.

About the Artist:

Donato Giancola graduated Summa Cum Laude at Syracuse University in New York. He has a gallery full of master pieces that center on the magical but realistic themes. He has been a freelance illustrator since 1993. Some of his clients include National Geographic, DC Comics, Penguin Books, and Random House.

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Securing Power

The dragon was awakened.

The mystical world doesn’t seem to be complete without dragons. In the realm of magic and sorcery, dragons are the opponents that heroes need to overcome. They can be the provider of power. And once they are conquered, they can become the symbol of regal status.

The wizard in the poster seems to have found the right spell. The magical dragon from the book of wizardry and spells came to life. It won’t be long for the sorcerer to acquire the dragon’s power. In time, the dragon would definitely become his aide. This triumph of the sorcerer will eventually be celebrated.

The heavens appear to be on the side of the wizard. The power of his wand and right hand seem to have come from up above. The shades of blue above the wizard’s right hand resemble the wind. The light of his wand appear to have come from a lightning. It’s no wonder that the wizard appears to have procured a very powerful spell. The angle by which he stands also gives an imposing look. He appears to be making himself a great stature. It is also his statement cum warning. The wizard holds a superiority that he wouldn’t give up so easily.

The colors that the artist used have given the art work life. The playful mix of yellow and white beneath the dragon really signals that the dragon has just come to life. The robe of the wizard also imposes magnificence. The combination of colors that the artist used for the clouds is very realistic too. Aside from this, it also made the clouds eye-catching.

Wizard enthusiasts would definitely find this dragon poster amusing. It is a must-have for people who collect magical-themed posters. Once framed, this poster could very well give a bare wall attitude.

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