Securing Power

The dragon was awakened.

The mystical world doesn’t seem to be complete without dragons. In the realm of magic and sorcery, dragons are the opponents that heroes need to overcome. They can be the provider of power. And once they are conquered, they can become the symbol of regal status.

The wizard in the poster seems to have found the right spell. The magical dragon from the book of wizardry and spells came to life. It won’t be long for the sorcerer to acquire the dragon’s power. In time, the dragon would definitely become his aide. This triumph of the sorcerer will eventually be celebrated.

The heavens appear to be on the side of the wizard. The power of his wand and right hand seem to have come from up above. The shades of blue above the wizard’s right hand resemble the wind. The light of his wand appear to have come from a lightning. It’s no wonder that the wizard appears to have procured a very powerful spell. The angle by which he stands also gives an imposing look. He appears to be making himself a great stature. It is also his statement cum warning. The wizard holds a superiority that he wouldn’t give up so easily.

The colors that the artist used have given the art work life. The playful mix of yellow and white beneath the dragon really signals that the dragon has just come to life. The robe of the wizard also imposes magnificence. The combination of colors that the artist used for the clouds is very realistic too. Aside from this, it also made the clouds eye-catching.

Wizard enthusiasts would definitely find this dragon poster amusing. It is a must-have for people who collect magical-themed posters. Once framed, this poster could very well give a bare wall attitude.

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