Standing Tall

The master has arrived. And she has not forgotten to bring her most loyal ally with him — the dragon.

The ferocious creature has been a topic for many works of art. Dragons have been depicted as animals that have magical powers. They could be the beasts that heroes need to slay. Dragons can be the provider of wisdom, status, and great power.

In the case of ‘Dragon’s Dream’ the dragon seems to be the equal of the master. It could be said that the dragon in this art work is the provider of magical power. But the way that the dragon stands could give space for a different meaning. The master sturdily outstretched her feet to provide the dragon room to perch. The dragon might not be an ordinary magical creature. Instead, it could be the master’s master.

The gaze of the characters is far. They have a grand plan. The stature of the characters is more than enough indication that they have the power to do unimaginable things. They could be valuable allies. But they could also be one’s worst enemies.

The colors that the artist used in this art work suggest something fiery. The atmosphere that the poster tries to imbibe is exciting. It appears to be a clue that something is about to happen. And that something must be watched out for.

The artist’s illustration of the dragon shows his attention to details. The artist took time to design the scales and wings of the dragon. The cape of the master is also overpowering. The woman does not have a towering figure but her facial expression commands respect.

‘Dragon’s Dream’ is a perfect poster for people who like power indicators. The poster could also be enjoyed by people who are enthusiastic about dragons and magic. This kind of poster could really give room for a powerful attitude.

Dragon's Dream

Dragon’s Dream Poster
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