Time for Defense

The dragon has arrived. The citadel is now threatened.

Dragon-slaying is just a part of everyday tasks in the magical world. Dragons are the beasts that take away lives, destroy fortresses, and kidnap princesses. They are the ever-present antagonists in epic movies, books, and fairy tales. Their death is equivalent to the triumph of heroes.

The wizard is close to claiming his own victory in the ‘Dragon Spell’. A fierce dragon destroyed the castle’s draw bridge. With the dragon’s height and power, physical battle is out of the question. The dragon will definitely win in such an arena. In this kind of situation, swords cannot serve their purpose. Wands are all that matter. Spells and incantations could make the dragon leave and forget that the castle exists. Magic can ensure the safety of the king and his men.

The ‘Dragon Spell’ depicts a common magical scenario. Although the topic is quite common, the illustrator was able to come up with a very eye-catching art work. The colors in the dragon poster are very alive. The whole work will simply let the audience be absorbed. The whole portrayal of the scene is so realistic that one might find it amusing that the scene is just a poster. Magic was only hinted through the illuminated magic wand. And without doubt, the mystical theme was very much emphasized.

It will make a fine gift for people who love magic and sorcery. Enthusiasts of the era of royal bloods will definitely find this dragon poster beautiful. ‘Dragon Spell’ could be the centerpiece of a bare and boring wall.

About the Artist:
Chris Achilleos is a professional artist who loves to draw scenes that are very reminiscent of epic battles and fantasies. Achilleo’s favorite comic strip, ‘Heros the Spartan’, would definitely give you an idea of his inclinations.

Dragon Spell

Dragon Spell Poster

Achilleos, Chris

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