When everything seems to fail, who wouldn’t want to have a friend by his or her side?

Tired from their long walk, the girl and the dragon felt the need to rest for awhile. It might just be the start of a seemingly endless journey. But the challenge is not enough reason to lose hope.

Although the girl and the dragon do not belong to the same kind, the reciprocity in the relationship is still present. The dragon appears to be the girl’s confidante and protector. The girl, in turn, sees the dragon as her most trusted companion.

Dragons are commonly portrayed in a fierce manner. But the ‘Magical Evening’ has deviated from such a norm. The dragon in this poster appears to be caring—a feature that is not common in most dragon depictions.

The artist made use of the different shades of purple and green to illuminate and liven the whole scenario. The blending of the shades of purple with the dark tones have given the dragon poster a sense of mystery. The whiteness of the girl’s dress is just enough to make her stand out. The whole composition emphasized the main idea of the mystical theme.

This poster is a perfect gift for people who cherish friendships. It is also a definite addition to the collection of dragon poster enthusiasts. People who like mystery and magic would definitely want to have this dragon poster.

About the artist:

Undoubtedly, fantasy art is the specialization of illustrator Steve A. Roberts. In fact, Roberts has designed different book covers of various publishing houses. His works have received good and outstanding work reviews time and again. Roberts is also known for making vivid fantasy arts. His works almost always tell a story—the ones which readers would definitely have a happy time unveiling.

Magic Evening

Magic Evening Art Print

Roberts, Steve

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