Take Hadrian with You!

Who wouldn’t love him?

Playful shapes could really give an art work so much life! Cuddly and cute, the dragon on this poster could very well be mistaken as a stuffed toy.

Not to mention that the two front teeth of Hadrian (yes, Hadrian is his name) could be enough to award him more cuteness points, its illustration also gave the dragon a more youthful appearance. The dragon’s tiny wings appear to be offering the audience a tight hug!

Based on the parchment look of the background, it could be said that this artwork have somehow been inspired by ancient printing. The design of the background mixes very well with the theme too. Aside from this, the smudge style of the art work’s border also helped to reinforce the playful character of the dragon. And although the artist used only the different shades of yellow, the over-all art work appearance is very light to the eyes. It is really surprising that the artist was able to break the dullness of a monotonous color scheme in this art work. And because mustard yellow is the standout color of the poster, this art work would surely look even nicer if framed with black-painted wood.

Posters inspired by animated animals are fine gift for children and the children at heart. Hadrian could also be an ideal gift to people who love cute and artistic stuff. Also, dragon stuff collectors would definitely find Hadrian amusing. This dragon poster is a perfect focal point on a bare wall of a kid’s room.

About the artist:

Hadrian’s illustrator, Kinna, has been known as the artist who makes use of character animation as an art. Although the artist often uses single or two-tone color schemes, Kinna’s art works still appears to be very attractive.


Hadrian Art Print

, Kinna

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