Are You Up for the Challenge?

Treasures are always considered valuable finds. But the road to getting such riches is always hard. Treasure hunters might find themselves up for various obstacles along the way. The challenges won’t come to an end even if they reach the location of the treasure. A valiant treasure guardian could even make them run for their lives.

In this particular poster, the guardian of the treasure is a green dragon. The ferocious creature definitely does his business seriously. The dragon is tasked to protect the treasure with its life. The illustration of human skeletons in the art work suggests that there have been attempts to defeat the dragon. And obviously, the dragon remained triumphant all throughout the previous attempts.

The use of the different shades of red and yellow has given the art work a fiery feel. Also, this particular technical use of the color has reinforced that the location of the treasure is more than enough challenge for treasure hunters. The illustrator preferred to use reddish colors to illustrate the darkness of the cave. The treasure itself is not lost within the colors. In fact, the colors blended so well with the overall look of the art work. But the highlight and center piece of the art work is, of course, the dragon. Its green scale seems to illuminate the glow of the treasure. The dragon’s mouth is also very powerful. It gave the dragon authority. The dragon’s facial expression exudes determination. Its stance is ready for attack. It is for these reasons that the dragon remains to be the focal point of the whole masterpiece.

This dragon poster is a must-have for treasure hunting enthusiasts. It could serve as a reminder of the hardships one has to face in the road to finding riches. Lovers of magical dragons could also find this dragon poster amusing.

A Dragon Guarding a Treasure

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