The Dragon Awaits

Mystical places aren’t always what they seem to be. There might be danger lurking behind their beauty.

The enchanting scenery could very much absorb visitors. But it could also be created to attract unsuspecting preys. In the ‘Black Cave Dragon’, the beauty of the waterfalls seems to be a trap. A mysterious dragon that guards the place is just waiting for its next prey.

The artist has used contrasting colors to illuminate and highlight the whole art work. The shades of green in the poster have livened up the masterpiece to very great extent. Aside from this, the greenish shades made the waterfalls appear very mystical. This art technique creates an illusion that such wonderful scenery would only exists in dreams. The shades of dark blue and black that the artist used are very reminiscent of bats. The artist might have followed logical reasoning in this regard. Bats usually live in caves. The physical features of bats are very much alike with that of the dragons. So, the colors and illustration that the artist used for the depiction of the dragon gave the whole art work a realistic side. The dark colors of the dragon also contrasted the light green shades of the waterfalls. This opposing color features became the focal point of the whole art work. The contrasting colors complement one another.

This dragon poster would be a nice gift to people who are fascinated with mystical themes. It could also be a perfect gift for kids who love mysteries.

About the Artist:

Donato Giancola graduated Summa Cum Laude at Syracuse University in New York. He has a gallery full of master pieces that center on the magical but realistic themes. He has been a freelance illustrator since 1993. Some of his clients include National Geographic, DC Comics, Penguin Books, and Random House.

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