Thirst for Justice

Now is the night of the dragon. It is its time for glory making. The dark sets the plot. The clouds play with the lack of light.

Indeed, the full moon says it all. Something is bound to happen.

The wind is on a rhythmic mood. The sea water keeps its tune with the wind’s beat. Together they create strong waves. Walls of water would soon swamp the tower to its death.

Nature seeks to be the powerful ally of the dragon. Revenge is the dragon’s triumph.

The poster tries to tell a story—a magical and powerful one. It is a tale that won’t easily be forgotten. It is a work of art that would absorb the audience till its end. The tower appears to be so helpless. The people inside it are as desperate. The dragon flying above the tower seems to be the only entity that is in its element. The desire for victory is obvious in its eyes. The dolphins seem to dance with the dragon.

Much of the colors in the art work is based on black and blue. The darkness emphasized the setting. The glimpse of yellow and red was just enough to illuminate parts of the art work. And although a large part of the art work contains dark shades, its over-all appearance is surprisingly not gloomy. At first glance, the scenario that it tries to depict is gloomy. But the audience would definitely know that it is not the feeling that the art work gives. There is a sense of happiness in the ‘Night of the Dragon.’ It is a positive feeling that the dragon evokes.

People who like mystery will find this poster an amusing item. The mystical theme of the art work also makes it an ideal gift for those who are engrossed in the realm of magic.

Anne Stokes-Dragon Beauty


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